L’instrument AMBER du VLTI, c’est ma thèse.

Il s’agit d’un des instruments les plus productifs de son domaine

Here are a few papers related to AMBER I’ve contributed to.

The AMBER instrument

- general presentation
- optical analysis, in A&A and in SPIE 2004
- Differential phases instrument optimization, presented in SPIE 2004
- Control software, in SPIE 2004
- Integration, in SPIE 2004

AMBER algorithms

- General presentation, in A&A and SPIE
- Differential phases, in ITHD proceedings

AMBER data calibration

- Data calibration and issues, presented at ESO in 2007
- « Advanced » data calibration, presented at SPIE 2008
- Phases calibration, presented at SPIE 2008