The interferometry imaging contest 2024 is open! Deadline to submit your images is May 31st, 2024

The datasets have been posted to Oidb here:

Here is some context to the targets: we have two targets observed with all the VLTI instruments (PIONIER, GRAVITY, and the two L- and N-band arms of MATISSE).
– The first one is a hot star with an environment,
– The second one is a young star where there is a suspicion of a companion.
One of them is an easy target, so we will expect to see details of the structures in the images. The other one on the contrary is a rather difficult target, so we expect to see the prominent features and structures in it.

The participants are expected to submit reconstructed images end of May based on these oifits datsets (i.e. more than 2 months ahead, do not wait the last moment to start working on it!). These datasets being chromatic, we expect submitted images that are chromatic as well, but ‘gray’ images may be acceptable (see how they are treated in our guidelines). If no image is submitted for a given dataset, we will replace it with a constant image, de facto penalizing the associated score, so be bold and submit chromatic images rather than gray ones!

We have put some guidelines, and a general description of the evaluation method (« the scores ») for the contest, so that all participant may react to the presented plan and comment it before the submission deadline. 

Shared document describing the 2024 imaging contest and scores calculation

Our plan is to have soon a companion script as well as example datasets to experiment with the contest scoring.

We’re very excited by this year’s contest, we wish you will have similar excitement looking at the datasets!

Do not hesitate to take a peek to the list of previous imaging contests here

Best regards,

Florentin, Jérémy, Alexis, Mathis, Ferreol, Eric